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Scouting News and Events

Online Edition

Vol. One No. Two

May 1998

World Jamboree Preparations Continue

World Scouting News

Next December the 19th World Scout Jamboree will open in Chile with more than 30,000 participants. The leaders of many national contingents met last November for a briefing at Picarquin, the Jamboree site. At the same time, all sub-camp leaders participated in a training session. Altogether over 200 people from 38 countries attended the events.

The President of the Republic of Chile, Eduardo Frei, visited the site and was invested by the Scout Association of Chile as the Honorary Chairman of the World Scout Jamboree.

Over half of the 7,000 International Service Team members will be non-Chilean and at least 80 percent of the staff will be under 30 years of age. Special efforts are being made to ensure that Scout patrols can attend from Scout organizations with very difficult financial situations, particularly in Africa and the new Eurasia Region.

Scouts who wish more information about the World Jamboree can find links and resources at

Troop Web Site

Troop 189 has a Web Site for information and other scouting related items. You can visit the Troop Site at: Scouts are welcome to participate in the design and publishing of the site and should contact Greg Brickner if they are interested. With 5MB of space solely dedicated to use of the Troop, individual patrols are welcome to start their own sites. Anyone that would like something to be posted should refer it to Greg Brickner. If you are planning a Troop activity or event be sure to have the information posted. This service is just another way for everyone to stay informed so the troop runs better.




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Troop News is the Official Source for Scouting Related News and information for Boy Scout Troop 189. Troop 189 is sponsored by Allison United Methodist Church in Carlisle Pa, and meets every Tue. Evening from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. Troop News is published quarterly and an On-Line version is available from the Troop Website. Articles for publishing in the next edition should be submitted by the 15th day of January, April, July, and October to appear in the respective February, May, August, and November issue distributed on the first of month.

If you would like to receive Troop News in a different fashion than how you received it contact Greg.

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World & National

Slovakia and Georgia Join the Scouting Movement

World Scouting News.

The National Scout and Guide Organization in the Slovak Republic is the 148th member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, as of 30 December 1997. The organization, Slovensky skauting, has 4,510 Scout members, and 3,000 Girl Guide members in a country with a population of around 5.38 million. It is the largest youth organization in Slovakia.Slovensky skauting works hard to train its leaders and to update its youth programme. Several training courses have taken place over the last two years and a Strategic Planning Seminar, organized with the support of the European Scout Region, will be held soon.

Scouting in Slovakia started in 1913 in connection with Hungarian Scouting as Slovakia was, at the time, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the First World War and the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918, Scouting in Slovakia became part of the Czech Scout Association - Junák.. The Czechoslovak Scout and Guide Federation was a founding member of the World Scout Organization in 1922. In 1939, Czechoslovakia was divided by the Nazis into two countries (the Czech Protectorate and Slovakia) and Scouting was dissolved.

After the Second World War, Czechoslovakia was re-established and Scouting started again in 1945. In 1948, Scouting was banned again, this time by the Communist regime. Scouting in Slovakia reappeared as an independent organization in 1968 and a federation of two associations - the Czech and Slovak Scout Associations - was formed during the "Prague Spring". In October 1970, Scouting was banned once again.

In late 1989, when the communist regime in Czechoslovakia crumbled, Scouting re-emerged. The Federation of Czech and Slovak Scouting was welcomed to World Scouting in July 1990 on the occasion of the 32nd World Scout Conference in Paris.

On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two countries - the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Since then, Slovensky skauting has worked for its independent membership in World Scouting. (The Czech Republic became a World Scouting member in 1996.)

Georgia is the 147th Member of World Scouting. The Georgian Organization of the Scout Movement (GOSM) became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement on 26 December 1997. The organization has 1,063 members, boys and girls, in 11 villages and areas of the country, notably in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Kvareli.

The Republic of Georgia became independent with the break up of the USSR in 1991. In 1992, students at the University of Tbilisi, notably those in the School of Medicine, took an interest in starting Scouting. Their efforts to create Scout groups were supported by the Scouts de France, working closely with the World Scout Bureau and its Office for the CIS; subsequently the Georgian Organization of the Scout Movement (GOSM) was set up, grouping together those who were in agreement with the educational objectives of Scouting. In January 1994 the Organization was legally registered in the country.

Georgia has a population of approximately 5.4 million, with most people living in the capital of Tbilisi; about 70 percent are Georgians, with important minorities of eight percent Armenians, six percent Russians, and nearly six percent Azeris. There are many refugee families living in or near the capital city.

Scouts in Georgia strive to provide a quality educational programme with a focus on social involvement which corresponds to the needs of young people, particularly the disadvantaged, in the Georgian society. They have been working to help the refugees of Abkhazia and Ossetia, in cooperation with the United Nations, and they took part in the international UNESCO project organized in Georgia on the subject of tolerance and dialogue among cultures.

In March 1997, with the support of UN-AIDS, the Red Cross, and local authorities, a seminar was organized by GOSM on the subject of AIDS prevention for leaders of Scouting and other youth organizations in the country, as well as in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Several members of the World Scout Committee and the World Scout Bureau travelled to Tbilisi on that occasion.

The Georgian Organization of the Scout Movement (sakartvelos skauturi modzraobis organizatsia) has established regular contacts with the Orthodox Church and also with the Catholic community in the country. They have good support from government authorities, particularly the Ministry of Youth, and its corresponding Parliamentary commission.

New Entrepreneurship Merit Badge

First Choice

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important "engines" that drive our country's economy. Through entrepreneurship, new ideas are turned into new business products, new ways are discovered to provide service to people, and entire new industries are created. In recent years, the businesses of successful entrepreneurs have not only contributed to economic vitality, but also have created most of the new jobs that employ the people of our country.

As you earn the Entrepreneurship merit badge you will examine what entrepreneurs do, their characteristics and skills, and the different ways they contribute to our society. You will learn about identifying market opportunities, creating and evaluating business ideas, and exploring the feasibility of a business ideas as opportunity to see how everything fits together as you start and operate your own business venture.


Camp Hidden Valley

Keystone Area Councils very own Hidden Valley Scout camp is changing a becoming an even better scout camp. Mike Kelly is the new camp ranger. Wells have been installed to remove the creek as the primary water supply. Building are being painted and rebuilt. A computer lab is being installed and will be operational for Summer Camp. Also roads left from the logging operations will be converted into a mountain biking trail to be used as part of summer camp. The camp kitchen is being completely renovated and modernized to make camp food even better. A new fire place was built in the dinning hall for everyone to enjoy. Believe it or not there is even more to come. If you would like to be apart of this revival of Hidden Valley you can participate in Spring Beaver Day on May 30 or the make up day on June 6, 1998. Let Greg or Mr. Powell know if you are interested.



Council & Troop

Spring Camporee

This year's Spring Camporee theme is Emergency Preparedness which will be held from May 1-3, 1998. The Scouts attending Camporee should report to the Church parking lot Friday, May 1st no later than 6:00 PM. Scouts should eat dinner before arriving at the Church. We will have a heavy snack after we set up camp. Cost for the camp is $15 per Scout. This fee includes meals and a Camporee Patch. We will be camping in tents and preparing our own meals. Camporee will be a great time and everyone should plan on going.


Scouts Earn Award

On Scout Sunday four Scouts were recognized for earning the God and Country Award. The God and Country award is one of the many religious awards that a scout can earn threw the Boy Scouts of America. Jason Lindstrom, Alex Martinez-Videl, Peter Scheneman, and Sam Wilkes were recognized by Rev. Scheneman of the St. John Episcopal Church. Congratulations to these scouts for their hard work. Any Scout interested in earning one of the Religious Awards should see Mr. Powell or the Troop Chaplin, for more information.


Scouting For Food

The Troop participated in scouting for food and was able to earn the participation ribbon from the district. Congratulations to all the scouts that participated and thank you for taking the time to help people less fortunate than your self.


Winter Camp

The Troop held winter camp at the end of February which was a big success. The Scouts hosted webelows during the day Saturday and participated in a variety of activities. Start think of what you want to do next year.


Car Show

Troop 189 will again be parking cars at the Spring and Fall '98 Car Shows. We park cars in four lots surrounding George's Flowers at the intersection of Pitt and "G" streets. Both of these events are "Scout account credit" events and excellent opportunities to build up money in the Scout Accounts. At the Fall '97 Car Show, three Scouts earned over $170 for one weekends efforts. This amount would have paid the cost of a normal summer camp. The Spring '98 Carlisle Car Show is scheduled for April 23-26th. MANY PARENTS AND YOUNG SCOUTS WILL BE NEEDED TO STAFF THIS EVENT. (The spring show coincides with the mandatory shakedown camp out at Camp Hidden Valley for Philmont bound Scouts.) The Fall '98 Carlisle Car Show will happen October 1st thru 4th. Mary Ann Van Orden is the chairman of this event.


Summer Camp

Summer camp will be held at Hidden Valley July 26 through August 1st. The Troop has signed up for Kiwanis I camp site, which is adjacent to the swimming pool. This site has adirondack "cabins" in lieu of tents, and is one of the prime sites in Hidden Valley. First year Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in the Dan Beard program and second year and older Scouts can enjoy the wide variety of merit badge classes offered at Hidden Valley. The Council is working on a climbing wall, a mountain bike trail and other improvements that will enhance the variety and quality of merit badges offered. Summer camp will cost $170 per Scout payable in three payments of $55, $55 and $50. The first payment is due December 16. A separate hand out is available with details of the camp program.


Scouts over the age of thirteen and with a rank of at least First Class can also participate in the Boy Scouts of America, Junior Leader Training (JLT) program. JLT will be offered at Hidden Valley from August 9-15, 1998. This training is designed for boys in a troop leadership positions or destined to be in the future. JLT teaches leadership skills, teaching methods, and the patrol method in modern troop operation. Cost of the Course is $170 and a $25 dollar deposit is required to reserve your spot in JLT '98. This deposit is nonrefundable. Troop 189 will pay 50% of the $170 cost the boys that sign up for and deliver their deposit checks to Mr. Powell.


Venture Scouting in Troop 189

Evan Shuey - Staff Writer

Troop 189's has a new program, and that addition is Venture Scouting. Those who have been in attendance at recent meetings may have seen the orange epaulets now being worn by each Venture Scout. Venture Scouts have been meeting for a couple months now, and we have some terrific ideas coming.

We assemble once every two weeks on Monday night at 7:00 at the home of a Venture Scout, and we meet at another individual's house next week. So far, no activities have been accomplished (due to a crowded bowling alley!) but some are coming up this month. A hike on the Appalachian Trail has been planned later this month, and Venture Scouts as well as those who wish to attend are going. Also, future ideas range from visiting the Liberty Science Center near New York to going to the Climbnasium. More ideas pour in each meeting, and by the looks of them we'll have a busy year.

Venture Scouts presently consists of the older Scouts in the Shark Patrol. Venture Scouts continue to be regular Boy Scouts by participating in Troop activities. We simply have a chance for more High Adventure related events in the older age group. We are currently led by Brian Bellinger who is our Crew Leader with Evan Shuey as his Assistant Crew Leader. Our adult leaders are Mr. Greg Brickner and Mr. Gary Shuey who are both Assistant Scoutmasters.



Scoutmaster's Corner

What an exciting time it is for the Scouts of Troop 189! As the Philmont bound scouts get in shape and hone their backpacking skills, we have all benefitted. Recently the Philmonter's and the Panther (formerly Pine Tree) Patrol both hiked different sections of the Appalachian and Tuscarora Trails. They met at a common campsite and shared their experiences (and mole skin). Thanks to El Nino the weather was great although temperatures in the 80's didn't seem quite right when the trees still didn't have leaves.

Winter Camp was another El Nino influenced affair. While it was warm, it was also very wet. Fortunately the weather cooperated when we really needed it. We were visited by Webelos from both Pack 189 and 333. Several of these young men have indicated they will be bridging to Troop 189 in the near future. We look forward to their arrival.

Spring is here, as always it is a very active time for Troop 189. Our major fund raiser the Carlisle Spring Car Show and the Council Spring Camporee are both right around the corner. I strongly encourage all scouts to participate. Panther Patrol will be concentrating on their First Class cooking requirement as well as the Camporee theme (Emergency Services), Bon Appitite!

I want to congratulate four scouts who received their God and Country Awards last February. Jason, Alex, Pete, and Sam, we are very proud of you. Also I want to thank Greg Brickner for organizing and conducting the recent Troop sponsored Junior Leader Training Course. As the Troop is continuously evolving, we are constantly in need of new leadership. Congratulations to Josh S., Shawn, Josh R., Scott, Lane, and Max for their successful completion of the course.

Summer Camp is just around the corner, it's not to late to sign up! Hidden Valley has gone through an amazing transformation. It should be a great opportunity for advancement and FUN.

Finally, this is my first opportunity to address the Troop via the News Letter as Scoutmaster. I would like to thank Marv Salsman for his support and organization. The transition has been very easy, Marv has left me with a tremendous organization and a great bunch of scouts. The parental support and talent possessed by this group is outstanding. Troop 189 will continue to excel and I look forward to serving both the scouts and parents as Scoutmaster.